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The chart below eloquently illustrates the effect that GISS tampering has had on temperatures in the last five years.

It starts by showing the annual temperature anomalies for 1998 and 2010, as they were reported at the end of 2010, i.e. 0.56C and 0.63C respectively. Progressively as each year has gone by since then, the anomalies for 1998 and 2010 have been subtly increased, until currently they are shown as 0.63C and 0.71C.


Anomalies as published by GISS at the end of 2010 through 2014, and at June 2015

The anomalies are set against a baseline of 1951-80, which means that the increases either mean that the historical temperatures for 1951-80 have been reduced or recent ones increased.

Remember this when people deny that the net effect of adjustments always seems to go in the same direction.

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Guest essay by H. Sterling BurnettWillie SoonMore than 500 scientists, colleagues, and friends of Willie Soon, Ph.D. signed a letter sent, along with accompanying supporting documents, to the Smithsonian Institution’s Board of Regents defending the award-winning solar physicist against false allegations he failed to disclose conflicts of interest in publications requiring such admissions. The letter notes Soon, a researcher at the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, part of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, has for a quarter of a century strictly followed Harvard-Smithsonian’s conflict of interest guidelines.

The letter was authored by Lord Christopher Monckton, David Legates, Ph.D., and statistician William Briggs, who had co-authored with Soon a highly popular study in the Science Bulletin of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. As the popularity and media coverage of the Science Bulletin article grew, mainstream media outlets began to publish years-old false allegations fed to them by a Greenpeace staffer. Rather than leaping…

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Sea ice in at least three Eastern Canadian polar bear subpopulations is well above normal for this time of year, which means many bears are likely not ashore yet. The same is true in the Beaufort and Barents Seas – ice is melting but there is still a fair amount of sea ice close to popular shores. Cause for cheering, not raising alarms.

Stirling 01 no date_sm

Southern Hudson Bay, Foxe Basin, and Davis Strait, all have above average sea ice coverage, according to the Canadian Ice Service (see charts below).

Sea ice concentration in Canadian waters at 23 July 2015. Canadian Ice Service. Click to enlarge. Sea ice concentration in Canadian waters at 23 July 2015. Canadian Ice Service. Click to enlarge.

Hudson Bay ice levels are particularly striking: the anomaly map below (“departure from normal”) is almost entirely blue (positive), showing how far it is above average. No wonder supply ships needed icebreaker help yesterday to get into Inukjuak on the eastern shore. Most of the…

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With the Arctic melt season rapidly winding down, sea ice is following an almost identical track to 2006 – the year with the highest minimum of the past decade.


Ocean and Ice Services | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut

Cold temperatures are forecast over the Beaufort Sea moving forwards, which indicates that there isn’t much left to this melt season.

ScreenHunter_9947 Jul. 19 08.07

10-Day Temperature Outlook

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[Image credit: NASA] [Image credit: NASA]
Another solar theory rolls off the production line – as ever, time will tell if it lives up to its own billing.

A new model of the Sun’s 11-year heartbeat suggests that solar activity will fall by 60 per cent during the 2030s, dropping to conditions last seen during the Maunder minimum, reports Ice Age Now.

Beginning in about 1645, the Maunder minimum corresponded with the severest portion of the last
“Little Ice Age.”

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By Paul Homewood

h/t AC Osborn

With Paris coming up, the climate silly season is in full swing!







So we get a junk study on bees, which ignores indisputable evidence that it is habitat loss and degradation which is responsible for the dramatic decline in bee populations.

A rehash of the laughable Lewandowsky survey.

And a return to the “ocean’s eaten my heat” excuse to explain the pause, which we were told last month did not exist anyway.

There is clearly a well oiled machine which makes sure these stories make the headlines, which the media are happy to facilitate as they know such scare stories sell papers.

Meanwhile, as far as China and the others are concerned, the only thing that matters is that they get their $100 billion a year.

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By Paul Homewood



While Paris fiddles!

The earth is 15 years from a “mini ice-age” that will cause bitterly cold winters during which rivers such as the Thames freeze over, scientists have predicted.

Solar researchers at the University of Northumbria have created a new model of the sun’s activity which they claim produces “unprecedentedly accurate predictions”.

They said fluid movements within the sun, which are thought to create 11-year cycles in the weather, will converge in such a way that temperatures will fall dramatically in the 2030s.

Solar activity will fall by 60 per cent as two waves of fluid “effectively cancel each other out”, according to Prof Valentina Zharkova.

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