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The University of Colorado shows sea level rising at a steady rate of 3.3 mm/year, which is a higher rate than 84% of tide gauges report

ScreenHunter_9168 May. 11 05.56

But they didn’t always show that. In 2004, they showed the rate of sea level rise as 2.8 mm/year

ScreenHunter_9162 May. 11 05.38sl_cu2004_rel1.2.pdf

Overlaying the two graphs (of the same data sets) you can see that they don’t look anything like each other. In the old graph, there was a trough in 1997, and in the new graph there is a peak that year.

ScreenHunter_9169 May. 11 06.10

The next animation shows how their published data set has changed since 2004.


2004 : sl_ib_ns_cu2004_rel1.2_global.txt

2015 : 2015_rel2/sl_ns_global.txt

The next graph shows the changes made to the data. They added an extra 10 mm of sea level rise from 1993 to 2004.

ScreenHunter_9167 May. 11 05.53

As with every other US government funded climate data set, the data is continuously being altered to create the case for imaginary global…

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In 1977, National Geographic blamed an almost identical weather pattern as 2015 – on global cooling.

ScreenHunter_9227 May. 13 08.49

ScreenHunter_9219 May. 13 08.37ScreenHunter_9226 May. 13 08.41

A ridge of high pressure over California, a deep dip in the jet stream on the East Coast.

ScreenHunter_9220 May. 13 08.38

Heat and drought in California

ScreenHunter_9224 May. 13 08.39ScreenHunter_9223 May. 13 08.39

Bitter cold and deep snow in the East.

ScreenHunter_9222 May. 13 08.38ScreenHunter_9221 May. 13 08.38

They could have recycled the identical article this year, and replaced the word cooling with warming.

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The glacier at Glacier Bay, Alaska retreated at a spectacular rate of six feet per day from 1794 to 1896.

ScreenHunter_1840 May. 13 13.46ScreenHunter_1839 May. 13 13.45

National Geographic : 1896 Apr, Page 138

If this happened now, experts would declare it to be 100% proof of man-made warming.

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One year ago, the Guardian announced that the collapse of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet had begun.

ScreenHunter_9258 May. 14 21.04

Western Antarctic ice sheet collapse has already begun, scientists warn | Environment | The Guardian

Scientists were pushing the identical scam 40 years ago, during the Ice Age scare. Saying that the ice sheet had been “static for such a long time.”

ScreenHunter_9256 May. 14 20.43ScreenHunter_9255 May. 14 20.42

The Evening Independent – Google News Archive Search

Only problem is that 45 years earlier, scientists said the Ross Ice Shelf had been receding for centuries, shrinking almost a mile a year


21 Jul 1932 – A Warmer World.

Lying and milking the same scam generation after generation – the climate science way.

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In 1999, Pat Michaels made one of the very few accurate climate model forecasts

ScreenHunter_9284 May. 15 09.29

Bangor Daily News – Google News Archive Search

His forecast was spot on.

ScreenHunter_9286 May. 15 09.35

Climate Analysis | Remote Sensing Systems

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The tide gauge at Atlantic City, NJ shows a steady 4.1 mm/year rise rate over the past century.

ScreenHunter_9293 May. 15 11.10 Data and Station Information for ATLANTIC CITY

The rate shows no correlation with atmospheric CO2

ScreenHunter_9294 May. 15 11.13

This is because the apparent sea level rise has nothing to do with CO2. It is due almost entirely to the land on the East Coast sinking.

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Check out this spectacular fraud published by UCLA in the Journal of Climate

ScreenHunter_9301 May. 15 16.32 “The most important message we want to convey is that it really depends on each scenario we choose — whether we keep on putting carbon dioxide in the air,” said Fengpeng Sun, the lead author of the UCLA study published in the Journal of Climate. “We should probably prefer new energy, like solar or wind, and try to be not be so addicted to gasoline.”

Number of days with temperatures above 95°F to soar in L.A. County – LA Times

Ojai is a small town 10 miles northwest of the LA sprawl.

ScreenHunter_9304 May. 15 17.08

Ninety-five degree days there were much more common in the 1920’s when CO2 was lower. The UCLA study started their trend in 1981, near the coolest point of the 20th century, after 50 years of plummeting temperatures.

ScreenHunter_9299 May. 15 16.30


The other half of their treachery is using downtown LA as…

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