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carbonThe IPCC and others blame CO2 for increases in sea levels, ignoring evidence that shows the sun to be the cause

For many years we have been told that global warming is unprecedented over the past 100 years, that human industrial activity is by far the dominant driver of 20th century climate change, and that nothing else is important.

Years ago, I too accepted this idea. After all, it came from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which was supposed to summarize the leading consensus on the subject. Having grown up in a solar house, it also naturally fit my environment-friendly background.

However, a casual question back in 2000, from a colleague while I was doing post-doctoral work at the Canadian Institute for Theoretical Physics at the University of Toronto, led to surprising revelations on climate change. My colleague, an astrophysicist, asked me how cosmic rays from supernovae could…

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As climate experts ramp up their lies about Arctic sea ice, extent is the highest for the date since 2005, and melt is the slowest since at least 2004.

ScreenHunter_9781 Jun. 26 07.28

Ocean and Ice Services | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut

If this weather forecast showing sub-freezing temperatures in the Beaufort Sea is correct, alarmists are in a world of hurt.

ScreenHunter_9783 Jun. 26 07.35

Rapid Arctic ice loss linked to extreme weather changes in Europe and US | Environment | The Guardian

Greenland’s surface has gained over 500 billion tons of ice since September

ScreenHunter_9784 Jun. 26 07.39

Greenland Ice Sheet Surface Mass Budget: DMI

The criminals at the Guardian are of course lying to their readers about this, as they do nearly 100% of the time.

ScreenHunter_9782 Jun. 26 07.32

Rapid Arctic ice loss linked to extreme weather changes in Europe and US | Environment | The Guardian

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deliberate-deceptionGuest opinion: Dr. Tim Ball

When a scientist’s work is revealed as wrong, the reason is rarely an issue. The error is identified and corrected by the author Unfortunately, that is not always the case with climate science errors. Often the question is whether it is a matter of incompetence or malfeasance? Either way there is a problem for an accurate advance of science. Normally, a simple determination is that a single mistake is probably incompetence, but a series of mistakes is more likely to be malfeasance. However, again in climate science, that doesn’t always apply because a single major error to establish a false premise to predetermine the result can occur. Usually, this is exposed when the perpetrator refuses to acknowledge the error.

All these issues were inevitable when a political agenda coopted climate science. Two words, “skeptic” and consensus”, illustrate the difference between politics and science in climate…

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I just finished the illustrations and text for another chapter of my upcoming book. The latest was about sea ice data. I believe you’ll be interested in one of the topics from that chapter.  As noted in the title of the post, the topic is the “pause” in global sea ice extent anomalies.

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Cross posted from my new blog : NASA Has Quadrupled 1955-1980 Sea Level Rise Since 1982 | Real Science

This is the current NASA tide gauge data, which shows 17 cm of sea level rise from 1870 to 1980, or 1.8 mm/year

ScreenHunter_2145 Jun. 01 08.01

Climate Change: Vital Signs of the Planet: Sea Level

Here is the 1982 version, which shows about half that much rise.

ScreenHunter_2132 May. 31 12.25 pubs.giss.nasa.gov/docs/1982/1982_Gornitz_etal_1.pdf

The next image overlays the two at the same scale, normalized to 1880, showing how the data has been altered since 1982.


And here is an animation with markers.


This is bad, but it is much worse than it seems. The data tampering has accelerated as time went on. NASA has quadrupled 1955-1980 sea level rise  since their 1982 version.

NASASeaLevel1982vs2015From 1955

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Cross-posted from my new blog : Only Thing Melting Down In Greenland Is The Credibility Of Government Scientists | Real Science

Government scientists say that Greenland is melting down.

Greenland has gained half a trillion tons of snow since September. All of this has to return to the sea/atmosphere in order to maintain equilibrium of the ice sheet.

ScreenHunter_2162 Jun. 02 08.39

Greenland Ice Sheet Surface Mass Budget: DMI

The melt season is over a month late getting started.

ScreenHunter_2163 Jun. 02 08.42

The coastal regions are still buried in snow. This is the capital of Greenland today.

arcticomm_webcam (1)

Temperatures on the ice sheet are -20C

ScreenHunter_2161 Jun. 02 08.00

Temperatures are forecast to remain below freezing on the ice sheet for the next two weeks.

ScreenHunter_2160 Jun. 02 07.49

Greenland is not melting down. But it wasn’t always like this. Seventy-five years ago, glaciers were disappearing there very quickly.

ScreenHunter_2165 Jun. 02 08.53

06 May 1940 – Greenland’s Climate Becoming Milder

NASA says that temperatures are much warmer now that…

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In 1961, 100% of scientists agreed that the world was getting colder.

ScreenHunter_2109 May. 31 08.05ScreenHunter_2110 May. 31 08.05


NOAA has continuously and repeatedly tampered with the data, and now has made all of that cooling disappear.

ScreenHunter_2247 Jun. 04 20.56ScreenHunter_2246 Jun. 04 20.56

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