And now the real farce of global warming

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The graph below shows GISS Reykjavik temperature in blue and CRUTEM in orange.

ScreenHunter_69 Mar. 01 04.37

The animation below flashes between GISS V2 and V3

Enron accountants would blush at NOAA/NASA data tampering.

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Lake Ontario is the only major holdout, and the forecast there is for extreme cold during the next two weeks.

lice-00 (1)

ScreenHunter_87 Mar. 01 08.26

ScreenHunter_123 Mar. 01 20.27


Lake Ontario is freezing over very rapidly.


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I repeat, This are just the adjustments done just this year.

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Changes to GISS US temperature just since Christmas. Always cooling the past and warming the present.

ScreenHunter_102 Mar. 01 15.53

h/t to Dave Burton

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NASA forecasts an ice age for the year 2020



They also forecast six degrees warming by 2020


The Milwaukee Journal – Google News Archive Search

We lay people simply aren’t qualified to understand or assess all this big science, done by intellectual giants.

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If February ended today, this would be the coldest winter on record in Illinois, almost 11C colder than 1932

ScreenHunter_489 Feb. 11 15.52

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I Don’t Get It


I don’t know where this guy was born either but analysis of his birth certificate showed computer overlays that could be independently moved and rotated. One of the signs of a forgery.

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I show that Obama’s literary agents are birthers, and some people process that information, as me being a birther. I have no idea where Obama was born, but I suspect that his literary agents probably do.


Born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii’



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NOAA claims that January temperatures in the US were average.

ScreenHunter_548 Feb. 13 14.23

Climate at a Glance | Time Series

They made a little mistake though. Great Lakes ice extent was at an all-time record high for the date at the end of January.

20140210180000_CVCSWCTGL_0007512307 (1)

20140210180000_CVCSWCTGL_0007512307.gif (1100×850)

Unless the freezing point of water has changed, NOAA is committing blatant, unabashed fraud with the US temperature data. They adjusted January temperatures upwards by almost six degrees relative to 1949, as an extension of a 3.4F/century data tampering trend over the last 70 years.

ScreenHunter_545 Feb. 13 14.02

January was actually the 19th coldest on record in the US since 1895, with no trend since the start of records.

ScreenHunter_549 Feb. 13 15.15

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