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Guest essay by David Archibald

This essay provides a series of graphs that describe the current state of the sun in context with its history.


Figure 1: Oulu Neutron Count 1964 – 2014

Cosmic rays are pushed away, to some extent, from the inner planets of the solar system by the Sun’s magnetic field carried in the solar wind.

Cosmic rays are mostly protons and alpha particles with some electrons and the nuclei of heavier elements. The highest energy cosmic rays have energies comparable to the energy of a 90 kmph baseball. As they hit oxygen and nitrogen atoms in the atmosphere, they cause a shower of neutrons. The neutron count from this source follows the solar cycle with about a one year lag, reflecting the time it takes for the solar wind to reach the heliopause. There is a connection with climate in that the atoms hit by the…

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Had the opportunity to address the Conservative Women’s Forum monthly meeting at the Clinton Country. It was a terrific group with a lot of interest and some probing questions after. The pork luncheon was excellent also.

Clinton Presentation Handout


Kirt Griffin

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Here is an exclusive and detailed account of the UCLA Hammer Museum event featuring hokey stick inventor Michael Mann.

This event was notable even before this report for:

Report on Octber 23, 2014 UCLA Hammer Museum Event “Tackling Climate Change Nationally and Globally”
By Michael Greer (@thetalentscout)
October 24, 2014

Last night I went to the Hammer Museum to hear Michael Mann of Penn State and Brenda Ekwurzel of the Union of Concerned Scientists speak about global warming.

I arrived early and was given a seat in the front row. Some ushers came around and passed out index cards to write questions for Q&A. I was disappointed as I intended to ask Mr. Mann why he fraudulently claimed he was awarded the Nobel…

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ScreenHunter_3798 Oct. 17 22.37

Bullshit, Gavin

The last six months were no where near the warmest. During the last six months we have seen record Antarctic sea ice extent, record springtime Great Lakes ice cover, record September snow cover and an 84% increase in Arctic sea ice volume over 2012. The US had a near record low number of hot days this summer.

I saw this coming about six months ago. It was obvious that someone had made the decision that NASA was going to make this the hottest year ever, and actual facts were irrelevant.

ScreenHunter_3799 Oct. 17 22.50

Gavin is diverging from satellites by 13°C/century

ScreenHunter_3682 Oct. 13 13.22

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ScreenHunter_3803 Oct. 18 08.35

Gavin says this is the hottest year ever


YearTDeptUS.png (688×531)

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ScreenHunter_3804 Oct. 18 08.51

Very hot days in the US are near a record low this year. Gavin says this is the hottest year ever.

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Climate Disruption!

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In the good old days, we always used to have exactly the right amount of major hurricanes, floods, storm surges, heat waves, cold snaps, F3-F5 tornadoes and forest fires every year.

Climate disruption has disrupted all of the previously undisrupted extreme weather we used to have before climate disruption disrupted the climate.

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