You couldn’t make this up if you tried. Typical of warmist claims, it’s usually the opposite. I keep thinking maybe this time but no. Tornado variation responsible for decrease Warming responsible for Australian frosts.

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By Paul Homewood

According to John Cook, Antarctic sea ice has been expanding because the Southern Ocean is getting warmer. He also claims that anyone thinking more ice is due to colder conditions is “ignorant”.

He forgets that some of us know how to check the data.

Bob Tisdale produces analyses of sea surface temperatures each month, and these have shown that the Southern Ocean has been getting considerable colder since 1981, and particularly in the last 8 years.



All of Bob’s data is sourced from the KNMI website here.

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Industry groups estimate the Clean Power Plan will cost $366 billion.  At 0.02°C reduction in global temperture, that’s $18.3 trillion per degree. 

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I’ve been waiting for the explanation. Never saw this one coming.

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Well, that’s how the decrease in tornadoes is explained in Science.  After all, climate change is supposed to increase tornadoes, so when that doesn’t happen we get an increase in variability. 

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In the same email as the SL article was this about the CO2 caused freezing. That CO2 is a miraculous gas. We should capture it in 12gr steel containers and sell it for numerous purposes. It can inflate life jackets, propel projectiles from lead, copper and plastic paint balls, it can propel small race cars and boats, Someone must have released a lot of this gas from high pressure as that is the only way it could cool the atmosphere. Despite the frost it appears there is a lot of hot air down under. it’s a shame as there are a lot of really good people down there doing a lot of really good things. Thank you Ozzy’s.

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By Paul Homewood



From ABC:

Frosts like the ones that caused so much damage to crops this season could be more common for the next 20 years, according to scientists.

They say greenhouse gases in the atmosphere were changing the way high pressure systems formed and moved, causing severe frost problems for farmers.

Frosts in August this year devastated grain, legume and oilseed crops across Australia’s cropping regions.

Final crop losses would not be known until what was left was harvested, but anecdotal reports suggest some farmers have lost up to 80 per cent of their crop, while others had hardly been affected at all.

Meanwhile, back in the real world:



Evidently, Australia has never had cold weather in August before!

Is there no end to the junk these “scientists” will come up with to justify more grant money?


The most interesting comment came from Steven Crimp…

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Paul Homewood has some good insight on the sea level issue. Actually he has a lot of insight on a lot of issues. It provides a clarification of what is actually being done. I tongue in cheek of Cliff Ollier of Australia the other day if any of these folks believe that reducing CO2 would change the subsidence portion of SLR. We got a good laugh.

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By Paul Homewood


Some comments on Tuesday’s post, UCS Forget To Mention Subsidence, made me wonder if there is a bit of confusion around about sea level changes.

So a quick recap on the basics, and clarification about some of the terminology used. ( Pardon, if I am stating the obvious).

There is a worldwide network of tidal gauges, from which measurements are collated by the PSMSL, Permanent Service for Mean Sea Level, based in Liverpool.

Gauges measure sea levels relative to the land. This is sometimes referred to as Relative Sea Level or RSL.

These sea levels can change essentially for two reasons.

1) Eustatic Change

In simple terms, this refers to the volume of water in the ocean, which can increase, for instance, because of glacial melting and thermal expansion.

The other mechanism mentioned is a change in the size of the ocean basin that contains…

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Amazingly simple but apparently never done before. The sequence is a series of numbers where the next number is the sum of the previous 2 numbers. Typical to start 1,1,2,3. Who says the solar system is random? Interesting!

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Many other people have noticed Phi relationships in the solar system in the past, from Kepler onwards, and there are several websites which cover this interesting topic. But up until now, so far as I know,  no-one has been able to find a single simple scheme linking all the planets and the Sun into a harmonious whole system described by the basic Fibonacci series. A couple of weeks ago while I was on holiday, I had a few long ‘brainstorming sessions’ with Tim Cullen, and decided to roll my sleeves up and get the calculator hot to test my ideas. What I discovered is laid out below in the style of a simple ‘paper’. Encouraged by an opinion from a PhD astrophysicist that this is “a remarkable discovery”, I will be rewriting this for submission to a journal with the more speculative elements removed and some extra number theory added…

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Thank you Roger for re-publishing this piece by Richard. It is a good reminder of the origins of this scam. I remember how Richard Courtney, John Colman and I sat around a table till almost midnight at the 2008 Heartland Climate Conference in NYC discussing the lorry driver’s suit against the unopposed showing of An Inconvenient Truth to British schoolchildren. The UK has a law protecting children from one-sided political indoctrination. The USA obviously does not. In the UK case the lorry driver, allegedly funded by Lord Monckton, bless his heart, the Judge ruled in his favor and the movie had to accompanied by information disputing many of the claims. Nothing was resolved and John had an appointment with the Fox and Friends news program in the morning. I asked John how the segment went when he returned and he told me they were respectful but felt they were not convinced. Just a bit of reminiscing…. Nothing is changed to this day as the warmist zealots are still fighting for grant money and blackballing anyone brave enough to speak the truth. The claims are getting even more outrageous with even more money at stake. I suspect this will have wide appeal despite it being several years old.

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The bulk of this is a repost from the late John Daly’s website ‘Still Waiting for Greenhouse’, with a new introduction by Richard Courtney. My thanks to him for his permission to republish. – TB

The History of the Global Warming Scare
Richard Courtney


In 1980 the British Association of Colliery Management (BACM) commissioned me to determine if there were environmental issues which could affect the coal industry as the ‘acid rain’ issue was then doing. I searched literature (scientific, environmental and journalistic) to identify possible issues and persons interested in possible ‘environmental’ issues. I then interviewed as many of the identified people as possible and – on the basis of the literature search and interviews – I constructed influence diagrams of the identified potential issues.

The influence diagrams indicated two potential problems which my report needed to inform to BACM; viz. ‘global warming’ (as it was then called)…

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